The journey of Granite started millions of years ago as molten lava, and as it cooled down it became very dense and hard. In fact, granite is second only to diamonds in its hardness.

Granite is the number one choice in natural stone for kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial countertops. Polished granite, with its high gloss, reflects light beautifully, adding elegance to any room or space. The high gloss finish will never wear off. Granite is easy to clean with just warm water and soft cloth. We hand pick our Granite to ensure the highest quality, shade and pattern.

Granite is very versatile and can suit many styles from modern to traditional interiors.
The only way you can appreciate the true beauty of Granite is to see and touch it. Customers are very welcome to visit our well stocked yard and meet a member of staff. Its advised to bring a sample door/colour or flooring to help choose your stone worktop. Be unique there’s no two blocks the same.

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